Having taken the long view of landscape for many years, I recently became fascinated with a closer exploration of flowering plants. Covid lockdown has sucked, but made hiking and long walks all the more precious. Having set a goal for myself to avoid a single focal point or horizon line, I am employing aspects of both abstraction and representation and finding that they not only coexist but play well together.  I love the formality of carefully organized and planted gardens as well as the tangled riot of randomly growing wildflowers. Fooling around with focus, softening some edges while sharpening others, and playing with color after a couple of years of mostly black and white, make for refreshing change. Green Is The Color of My True Love's HairNew Galloway MeadowCluarain, KerreraGive Me Your Answer, DoGone To Earth (Bernán Bríd)Sheep's Sorrel & St John's WortFoxglove, KerreraHide & SeekMeadow RiotRiverside In NovemberTickled PinkRockrose, Eyebrights & Redheads Riverside Cherry BlossomsYellow DaisiesDandelion Clock